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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1979 - Vol.6

Vol.6 No.02

Original Article(原著)

(0111 - 0116)


Studies on Ultrasonograms in Cases with Negative Cholecystogram ; With Reference to the Differentiation between Cholelithiasis and Carcinoma

万代 恭嗣1, 幕内 雅敏1, 伊藤 徹1, 渡辺 五朗1, 神谷 喜八郎1, 二川 俊二1, 杉浦 光雄1, 和田 達雄1, 仁科 孝子2, 室井 龍夫3

Yasutsugu BANDAI1, Masatoshi MAKUUCHI1, Toru ITO1, Goro WATANABE1, Kihachiro KAMIYA1, Shunji FUTAGAWA1, Mitsuo SUGIURA1, Tatsuo WADA1, Takako NlSHINA2, Tatsuo MUROI3

1東京大学医学部第二外科, 2東京大学医学部小児外科, 3自衛隊中央病院外科

1Second Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, University of Tokyo, 2Pediatric Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, University of Tokyo, 3Department of Surgery, Central Hospital of Japanese Self Defence Forces

キーワード : negative cholecystogram, gallbladder cancer, cholecystolithiasis, ultrasound diagnosis, gallbladder wall

 39 cases with cholecystolithiasis and 13 cases with carcinoma of the gallbladder with negative cholecystograms by intravenous cholangiography, were analysed. Echo patterns of cholecystolithiasis were classified into five groups. Overall diagnostic accuracy of cholecystolithiasis was 89 %. Echograms of inflammatory thickened gallbladder walls were obtained in certain cases. These were mostly dmonstrated asta low echo area of the shape of the doughnut or horseshoe. Similar sonograms, however, were occasionally demonstrated also in cases with carcinoma. During acute cholecystitis, irregular echoes in the lumen which simulated malignant changes were noted in the gallbladder. Reexamination after two to three weeks invariably resulted in demonstration of fluid-fluid level in the gallbladder to validate benignity of the lesion. In cases without of the gallbladder cystic pattern, careful scanning is mandatory to detect the low echo area which frequently indicates thickened wall of the gallbladder. Once the ultrasonograms suggested the presence of the thickened wall, operation should be recommended under the consideration of malignant alternation of the organ.