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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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2019 - Vol.46

Vol.46 No.06

State of the Art(特集)

(0543 - 0550)


Approach to rare diseases of the lower extremity veins by ultrasonography

髙井 洋次

Hiroji TAKAI


Department of Radiology, Fujita Health University Hospital

キーワード : Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome, pelvic congestion syndrome, nutcracker syndrome, lower extremity venous ultrasonography

下肢静脈超音波検査は,深部静脈血栓症(deep vein thrombosis:DVT)と下肢静脈瘤の評価が主目的となる.日常業務の大半をこれらのスクリーニング検査が占めている.ある程度の技術を身に付けて手順を学べば多くのスクリーニング検査には対応できるようになるが,様々な疾患の病態に対する知識がなければ十分な検査結果を得ることができない.先天性静脈奇形であるKlippel-Trenaunay 症候群(KTS)は深部静脈形成不全やDVTを伴うこともあり,表在静脈の走行も一様ではない.よって,超音波検査の画一化された検査手順は存在しないが,多種な病態を示すことを知っておくことが重要である.特殊型下肢静脈瘤の原因である骨盤内静脈鬱滞症候群(pelvic congestion syndrome:PCS)においては通常型(伏在型,側枝型)静脈瘤の原因である伏在静脈大腿静脈接合部および合流枝への逆流を確認,大腿背部穿通枝不全の有無を確認することでPCSの疑いとすることが出来る.ナットクラッカー症候群がPCSの原因であることも考えられるためやせ型体型の患者であれば左腎静脈の確認もしておくとよい.静脈疾患の多くは圧排や逆流による圧力の変化により生じていることが多い.異常所見を見つけた時にはどこにその原因があるかを確認・推測していくが,その理解のためには解剖や生理,疾患の病態を理解しておく必要があると考える.

The main purpose of lower extremity venous ultrasonography is to evaluate deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and leg varicosity. These screening examinations account for the majority of routine work. If you learn the procedure by acquiring a certain degree of skill, you will be able to deal with many types of screening examinations, but without knowledge of the disease state of various diseases, it is not possible to obtain sufficient examination results. Congenital venous malformation, i.e., Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome (KTS), may accompany deep vein hypoplasia and DVT, and the course of superficial veins is not uniform. Therefore, a standardized examination procedure for ultrasonography does not exist, but it is important to know how to indicate the various clinical conditions. Pelvic congestion syndrome (PCS) is the cause of a particular type of leg varicosity. It is possible to diagnosis suspected PCS by ruling out reflux to the sapheno-femoral junction and side branch, which are the cause of the normal types of varicosity (saphenous type, side branch type), and the presence of an incompetent perforating vein in the thigh back. Nutcracker syndrome may be the cause of PCS, so if it is a lean type of patient, left kidney venous disease should be confirmed. Many of the venous diseases are often caused by pressure change due to exclusion or reflux. When we encounter abnormal findings, we will confirm and guess what the cause is, and for that understanding we think that we need to understand the anatomy, physiology, and disease condition.