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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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2019 - Vol.46

Vol.46 No.06

Review Article(総説)

(0503 - 0512)

Shear wave elastographyの基礎的事項

Basics of shear wave elastography

谷川 俊一郎

Shunichiro TANIGAWA


Ultrasound General Imaging, GE Healthcare Japan

キーワード : elasticity, stiffness, elastography, shear wave, acoustic radiation force

超音波診断装置の大きな特長は,生体内臓器をリアルタイムに観察できることである.カラードプラ法を用いれば血流を動画像で観察でき,また造影剤を用いれば,臓器内の微小血流も高いフレームレートで観察できる.近年,超音波診断の新しい技術として注目されているshear wave elastographyは,臓器の硬さに関して定量診断を行う手法であり,臓器を振動させその過渡的な動きを計測する方法は,時間分解能の高い超音波診断の特長を活かした技術であるといえる. 本稿では,超音波shear wave elastographyの原理とその応用について概説する.

A major feature of medical ultrasonic diagnostic devices is the ability to observe in vivo organs in real time. By using the color Doppler method, it becomes possible to observe the blood flow on a real-time image. By using a contrast agent, smaller vessels inside the organ can be observed at a high frame rate. Ultrasound shear wave elastography is an imaging technique that quantifies tissue stiffness by measuring the speed of shear waves in tissue. This technique uses dynamic excitation to generate shear waves in the body and monitors the shear waves as they travel through tissue in real-time imaging. This article describes the basic ultrasound physics, measurement method, and applications of shear wave elastography.