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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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2019 - Vol.46

Vol.46 No.04

Review Article(総説)

(0309 - 0319)


Types and mechanisms of mitral valve regurgitation

板橋 裕史



Department of Laboratory Medicine, Keio University School of Medicine

キーワード : Carpentier's classification, degenerative mitral regurgitation, primary mitral regurgitation, functional mitral regurgitation, secondary mitral regurgitation

僧帽弁閉鎖不全症(MR)の成因を理解する上では,Carpentier分類が有用である.弁尖の変性によるものを器質性MR(DMR:一次性MR)と呼び,多くを僧帽弁逸脱症が占める.さらに腱索断裂が主要因となっているfibroelastic deficiency (FED)と弁尖の拡大が主要因となっているBarlow病に分けられるが,多くの症例は両者の要素を有している.治療としては僧帽弁形成術が確立されており,術前の3D経食道心エコー図検査による評価の重要性が増している.一方,弁尖自体に異常を認めないものを機能性MR(FMR:二次性MR)と呼び,左室の拡大もしくは収縮不全によって弁尖が心尖部方向へ牽引(tethering)されることがMRの発生機序となっている.PISA法による重症度評価では過小評価となる傾向があることを念頭に置くべきである.治療としては弁輪縫縮術単体の効果は限定的で,MitraClipによる治療が期待されている.心房性MRは,正常な容量および収縮機能を維持した左室と,拡大した左房を有する症例に出現した有意なMRと定義されることが多い.治療としては,従来弁輪縫縮術や弁置換術が行われてきたが,心膜補填による弁形成術やMitraClipによる治療などが試みられるようになっている.これらのMRの発生機序をハートチームメンバーが理解し,治療方針を決定することが重要である.

Carpentier's classification helps us understand the underlying mechanisms of mitral regurgitation (MR). MR due to leaflet deformation is called degenerative MR (DMR, or primary MR), most of which is mitral valve prolapse. It is divided into fibroelastic deficiency (FED), in which chordal rupture is the main factor, and Barlow disease, in which enlargement of the valve leaflet is the main factor. In many patients with MV prolapse, both mechanisms coexist. Because mitral valvuloplasty has been established as a reliable treatment for MV prolapse, evaluation by preoperative 3D transesophageal echocardiography is becoming increasingly important. MR without deformation in the valve leaflet itself is classified as functional MR (FMR, or secondary MR). This is caused by the valve leaflet being tethered towards the apex due to left ventricular (LV) dilation or LV dysfunction. The severity assessment by the proximal isovelocity surface area (PISA) method in FMR patients tends to be underestimated. The effect of annuloplasty alone is insufficient, and treatment with MitraClip may be effective. Atrial MR is usually defined as significant MR appearing in patients with normal LV volume and contractile function, and an enlarged left atrium. Conventionally, valve annuloplasty or valve replacement has been performed for symptomatic atrial MR. Recently, however, valve repair with posterior mitral leaflet (PML) augmentation using pericardial patch or treatment with MitraClip has been attempted. The heart team members need to understand these mechanisms of MR when making treatment plans.