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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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2018 - Vol.45

Vol.45 No.04

State of the Art(特集)

(0371 - 0379)


Echocardiography to determine the indication and procedure of mitral valve repair

阿部 幸雄

Yukio ABE


Department of Cardiology, Osaka City General Hospital

キーワード : echocardiography, mitral regurgitation, mitral valve repair

僧帽弁閉鎖不全症(僧帽弁逆流,mitral regurgitation,MR)に対して僧帽弁形成術が可能かどうかを心エコー図検査で判断することがMRの手術適応を考えるうえで必須である.また,形成術の施行を決定した際にも,術式を術前に計画する必要がある.一次性(器質的)MRの代表である僧帽弁逸脱症によるMRでは,心エコー図検査で診断した主病変の部位と範囲,成因と形態にしたがって形成術が可能かどうかを判断し,副病変の有無と程度を併せ考えたうえで弁尖切除法あるいは人工腱索再建法,弁尖間縫縮術のいずれを人工弁輪による弁輪縫縮術と組み合わせるかを計画する.また,僧帽弁収縮期前方運動による左室流出路狭窄が出現する可能性が高いと予測される際には,その合併を回避する術式が加えられる.一方,左室不全に伴う二次性(機能的)MR例では判断が全く異なる.Tethering-tentingが高度で弁輪縫縮術のみでMRを制御できないと予測される場合には,さらなるオプションの術式を加えるか,形成術を諦めて人工弁置換術を行うことになる.Atrial functional MRに対する外科治療の基本術式は人工弁輪による弁輪縫縮術である.いずれのMRにおいても,僧帽弁および僧帽弁機構の形態診断が重要であり,ソノグラファーおよび循環器内科医,心臓血管外科医で共有すべきである.

It is necessary to accurately predict the feasibility of mitral valve (MV) repair using echocardiography when surgical intervention for mitral regurgitation (MR) is considered. It is also important to plan the MV repair procedures preoperatively. Before performing MV repair for primary MR as represented by degenerative MR due to MV prolapse, the feasibility of MV repair is determined by echocardiographic assessments of the location, extent, and etiology of the main lesion. The MV repair procedure, such as leaflet resection or chordal replacement, is planned according to the information on both the main lesion and the sub lesion. In patients at high risk for postoperative left ventricular (LV) outflow tract obstruction due to the systolic anterior motion of MV leaflets, some optional procedure should be performed to avoid the complication. In patients with secondary (functional) MR due to LV dysfunction, it can be predicted by the degree of MV tethering-tenting whether mitral annuloplasty alone can control the MR. On the other hand, mitral annuloplasty would be the primary treatment for atrial functional MR, the concept and etiology of which have been recently established. In conclusion, we, i.e., all of the heart team members, should understand that the morphologic diagnosis using echocardiography is the most important in determining whether MV repair is indicated and which procedure to use.