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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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2017 - Vol.44

Vol.44 No.02

State of the Art(特集)

(0137 - 0139)


Echo features in aortic dissection

西上 和宏


済生会熊本病院 集中治療室

Department of Critical Care and Cardiology, Saiseikai Kumamoto Hospital

キーワード : aortic dissection, screening, aorta, flap, echocardiography, point-of-care ultrasound, intramural hematoma, acute arterial occlusion

大動脈解離をエコーでスクリーニングし,さらに精査・治療につなげることは,臨床的に極めて重要である.大動脈の描出に関して,上行大動脈には上位肋間(Superior sternal view),下行大動脈には小さいscale(small scale view)で心臓ウインドウに,腹部大動脈は心窩部(Sub-xiphoid view),大動脈弓部は胸骨上(Supra-sternal view)の4Sアプローチが有用である.救急で致死的胸痛関連疾患に対応する際のEASY (plus) screeningを提唱している.偽腔開存型のフラップは自動車会社MAZDAのシンボルに似ており,再解離で3腔の場合はBenzのシンボルに似ている.偽腔閉塞型は壁在血栓や粥状巣と類似しているが,表面は平滑(Smooth),形態は三日月状(Crescent),エコー性状は均一高め(Lucent),範囲は(Extensive)となることからSclerosisと憶える.大動脈解離の合併症の一つに血栓塞栓性急性動脈閉塞があるが,1)内中膜複合体が外膜に接して描出される(Manifestation of the intima-media complex next to the adventitia.),2)血管内構造物のエコー輝度が軽度から中等度である(Mild to Moderate echolucency of the intravascular structure.),3)血管内構造物が可動性を有する(Mobility of the intravascular structure.),4)血管壁に拍動性の動きがみられる(Pulsatile Movement of the arterial wall.)の特徴(4Ms)がある.

Aortic echo plays an important role in the primary diagnosis and management of aortic dissection. The aorta can be assessed using the 4S approach (Superior-sternal view, Small-scale view, Sub-xiphoid view, Supra-sternal view). I have presented EASY and/or EASY plus screening for killer chest pain. The flap in overt dissection may resemble the symbol of Mazda (the car company). The flap in triple barrel dissection may resemble the symbol of Mercedes Benz, although the original report suggested the component of flap and aortic valve. Intramural hematoma is similar to mural thrombi and atheroma. Echographic lesions in intramural hematoma can present a smooth surface, crescent form, lucent echo density, and extensive area, which might be recalled as sclerosis. Thromboembolic acute arterial obstruction as a complication of aortic dissection might present as echographic lesions characterized as 4Ms: 1) Manifestation of the intima-media complex next to the adventitia. 2) Mild to moderate echolucency of the intravascular structure. 3) Mobility of the intravascular structure. 4) Pulsatile movement of the arterial wall.