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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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2018 - Vol.45

Vol.45 No.03

Review Article(総説)

(0253 - 0260)


Bedside urologic ultrasound examination

秋山 隆弘1, 大口 郁子2, 村上 飛鳥2, 尾上 篤志3

Takahiro AKIYAMA1, Ikuko OOGUCHI2, Asuka MURAKAMI2, Atsushi ONOUE3

1恵泉会堺温心会病院泌尿器科, 2恵泉会堺温心会病院臨床検査部, 3計行会髙橋計行クリニック超音波室

1Urologic Division, Sakaionshinkai Hospital, 2Clinical Laboratory Division, Sakaionshinkai Hospital, 3Ultrasound laboratory, Takahashi Kazuyuki Clinic

キーワード : bedside ultrasound examination, urinary disturbance, frequent urination (pollakisuria), overactive bladder, underactive bladder


Practical bedside ultrasound examinations performed in our urological clinic and sharing of examinations between the central examination laboratory and outpatient doctors’ office are described herein. The number of patients with urinary disturbance is increasing as Japanese society continues to age. The triple set of diagnostic tools consisting of ultrasound examination of urinary bladder and prostate, uro-flowmetry, and ultrasound measurement of residual urine volume is very useful as the fundamental examination to diagnose those diseases. General physicians should consider the possibility of latent urological diseases when requesting sonographers to perform abdominal ultrasound screening examinations. Sonographers should also watch for latent urological disorders when performing abdominal ultrasound examinations at the request of general physicians.