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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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2018 - Vol.45

Vol.45 No.01

State of the Art(特集)

(0035 - 0041)


Scattering echo simulation that takes into account tissue acoustic structure

蜂屋 弘之

Hiroyuki HACHIYA


School of Engineering, Department of Systems and Control Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology

キーワード : Rayleigh distribution, liver fibrosis, numerical simulation, quantitative diagnosis, speckle pattern


Ultrasonic B-mode images are affected by changes in scatterer distribution in tissue. It is hard to estimate the relationship between the ultrasonic image and the tissue structure quantitatively because we cannot observe the continuous stages of diseased tissue clinically, particularly the beginning stage. In this review, a simulation method of scattering echo that takes into account tissue acoustic structure is presented. The modeling method of scatterer distribution for normal and diffuse diseased livers can determine the expansion of nodules and fibers. Using B-mode images obtained from these scatterer distributions, we can analyze the relationship between the changes in the form of biological tissue and changes in the B-mode images during progressive liver cirrhosis.