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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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2018 - Vol.45

Vol.45 No.01

State of the Art(特集)

(0015 - 0023)


Numerical simulations of sound propagation

土屋 隆生



Faculty of Science and Engineering, Department of Information Systems Design, Doshisha University

キーワード : simulation of sound wave propagation, CE-FDTD method, sound field rendering

計算機環境の発達やFDTD(Finite Difference-Time Domain)法などの簡便なアルゴリズムの普及により,音波伝搬シミュレーションが身近になってきた.本稿では,音場を解析するときの基礎理論を解説し,FDTD 法による離散化手法や境界条件の取り扱いについて解説する.特に,FDTD 法の高精度版であるCE-FDTD 法について詳述する.また,音波伝搬シミュレーションの可聴化への応用として,波動性を考慮した3次元音場計算により聴取位置での音圧波形を数値的に計算した上で,立体音響技術などで3次元的に可聴化する音空間レンダリングについても解説する.

Simulation of sound wave propagation is widely used thanks to advances in the computing environment and the spread of simple simulation algorithms such as the finite difference-time domain (FDTD) method. In this paper, the theoretical basis for the analysis of sound wave propagation is described, after which discretization using the FDTD method and the boundary conditions are described. The compact explicit-FDTD (CE-FDTD) method, which is a highly accurate version of the FDTD method, is also described. For application of simulation of sound wave propagation to auralization, sound field rendering, which is a technique for 3-D auralization on the basis of computerized 3-D numerical models, is also described.