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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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2017 - Vol.44

Vol.44 No.05

Review Article(総説)

(0423 - 0434)


Knowledge and skills for senior medical sonographers in OB/GYN

Vol.45 No.02(0033 - 0038)Letter to the Editor 小松篤史氏による「指導検査士に必要な産婦人科の知識」(超音波医学2017;44:423-434)に関して

小松 篤史



Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, The University of Tokyo Hospital

キーワード : obstetrics & gynecology, transvaginal ultrasound, uterine fibroids, ovarian tumor, pregnancy


Abdominal ultrasound examinations can include investigation of not only the digestive organs but also the urinary and reproductive organs. As such, Senior Medical Sonographers must have clinical knowledge of both urology and obstetrics/gynecology as well as advanced examination skills. People tend to think that Senior Medical Sonographers do not need to have any knowledge of obstetrics, but there are patients with an abdominal bulge who visit internists without knowing that they are pregnant, suggesting that an overall knowledge of obstetrics and gynecology may be necessary. The relevant organs of obstetrics and gynecology are mainly the uterus and adnexa (ovaries, fallopian tubes). The most frequently encountered diseases in obstetrics and gynecology are uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts. Both diseases may sometimes grow to navel height, in which case they may be incidentally detected by abdominal ultrasound. Uterine fibroids generally present as a circle or egg-shaped solid mass with lower echogenicity than normal uterine myometrium. Most ovarian tumors are recognized as a cystic mass, and the possibility of malignancy needs to be investigated when a solid part is observed inside a cystic mass. The histopathology of ovarian tumors includes benign, borderline malignant, and malignant. Senior Medical Sonographers need to have knowledge of ultrasonographic findings of common ovarian tumors such as endometrial cyst, mature cystic teratoma, and suspected malignant ovarian tumor. The purpose of obstetrics ultrasound is to investigate fetal growth and fetal well-being. Sonographers need to be able to measure the estimated fetal body weight and the amniotic fluid volume. Knowledge of detailed screening of the fetus is not necessary for Senior Medical Sonographers.