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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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2017 - Vol.44

Vol.44 No.04

State of the Art(特集)

(0357 - 0364)


Duplex-assisted carotid artery stenting

濱口 浩敏



Department of Neurology, Kita-Harima Medical Center

キーワード : carotid artery stenosis, duplex-assisted, carotid artery stenting, chronic kidney disease

頸動脈ステント留置術(carotid artery stenting: 以下CAS)は,通常透視下で造影剤を使用して施行するが,造影剤アレルギーや,腎機能障害がある患者には使用が困難である.その際,造影剤を使用せず,エコーガイド下でCASを行う手法がある.一般に,CASにおけるエコーの役割としては,プラーク性状の評価や狭窄率の推定,ステント内プラーク突出の確認,血流変化の観察などが挙げられる.エコーガイド下でCASを行う場合は,上記項目に加え,カテーテル先端の誘導,ステントサイズの決定,distal protectionの評価,ステント挿入前後の血流変化など,様々な部分で重要な役割を担う.また,手技中の状態変化をリアルタイムに確認することができ,終了時のステント内血栓突出も確認できる.一方で,検査者の被爆防護,検査野の制限,ICA遮断時間の延長,エコー装置の設置位置やプローブの持ち方に工夫が必要,動画保存の際,静止しての保存が難しい,などが問題点として挙げられる.また,術者にもエコー画像の見え方を習熟していただくことも必要である.これらを工夫すれば,エコーガイド下CASは有用な方法である.

Carotid artery stenting (CAS) is usually performed using a contrast medium, but it is difficult to use in patients with a contrast agent allergy or renal dysfunction. In such cases, duplex-assisted CAS is performed without using a contrast agent. In general, the role of ultrasound in CAS includes evaluation of plaque properties, estimation of stenosis, confirmation of protrusion of plaque in the stent, and observation of blood flow change. In addition to the above assessments, duplex-assisted CAS plays an important role in various ways such as catheter tip guidance, determination of stent size, evaluation of distal protection, and change in blood flow before and after insertion of the stent. In addition, change in status during the procedure can be confirmed in real time, and protrusion of the thrombus in the stent can also be confirmed. Meanwhile, it is necessary to consider the examiners’ exposure to radiation, restrictions on the inspection field, extension of the ICA interruption time, how to position the ultrasound device, and how to hold the probe, and it is difficult to save still images when saving movies.
It is also necessary for the operator to be familiar with how to read the ultrasound images. As long as these aspects are considered, duplex-assisted CAS is a useful method.