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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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2013 - Vol.40

Vol.40 No.05

Review Article(総説)

(0463 - 0471)


Basic research on a new therapy system combining ultrasound and drug delivery

立花 克郎



Department of Anatomy, Fukuoka University School of Medicine

キーワード : sonoporation, sonothrombolysis, microbubbles, transdermal drug delivery, molecular imaging

近年,超音波と薬物を併用した新しい治療法に関する研究は飛躍的に進歩した.血栓溶解剤と超音波を併用する超音波治療用カテーテルは米国では既に臨床応用されている.超音波エネルギーは様々な生体組織で薬物の吸収・浸透を促進する働きがあることから,血管治療,再生医療,癌化学療法,薬物経皮吸収パッチなど,多くの分野へ広く利用される可能性がある.また,超音波造影剤(マイクロバブル)を超音波治療促進剤として利用すれば遺伝子の細胞内導入も可能である.今後,遺伝子治療など,様々な分野における超音波とマイクロバブルの組み合わせが期待される.マイクロバブルの崩壊を時間的,空間的に制御できることから各疾患に対する治療成績の向上,治療時間の短縮,薬物投与の減量,副作用の軽減につながると思われる.また,超音波分子標的造影剤(インテリジェント・マイクロバブル)の研究が進めば,Molecular ImagingとMolecular Therapyを同時にできる理想的な診断治療法になると予想される.

Ultrasound irradiation of tissue and cells is effective in enhancing drug targeting, lowering systemic drug toxicity, and improving drug absorption rates. Ultrasound catheters to enhance the effects of thrombolytic agents have proven beneficial in treating patients with acute stroke, deep vein thrombosis, and pulmonary embolism in ongoing clinical trials. The revival of ultrasound for use in therapy after decades of dormancy has brought attention to usage in various fields such as thrombolysis, vascular therapy, cancer therapy, regenerative medicine, and gene therapy. Efficient delivery of a drug into target cells or tissues for therapeutic purposes has always been a big challenge requiring multidisciplinary efforts by experts in different scientific fields. Recent studies have shown that combining microbubbles and ultrasound energy could be applied to targeting or controlling drug release. In this paper, several therapeutic systems are cited as well as the mechanisms of ultrasound-mediated drug delivery. Current advances in molecular imaging and therapy will also be discussed.