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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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2016 - Vol.43

Vol.43 No.Supplement

特別プログラム 血管
パネルディスカッション 血管 Joint(JSUM・AFSUMB Joint Session)(English) 日本と海外における頸動脈エコーの計測,評価法の違い中国,韓国の先生方と



Measurements and evaluations of carotid plaque and stenosis

古井 英介

Eisuke FURUI


Department of Stroke Neurology, Kohnan Hospital

キーワード :

Duplex ultrasonography is a standard method for screening of carotid disease, and can identify both carotid plaque and stenosis. B-mode ultrasonography combined with color flow imaging is supposed to detect a so-called vulnerable plaque, such as echolucent plaque, plaque with ulceration and mobile plaque. The severity of stenosis can be determined by combining results of peak systolic velocity, end diastolic velocity and pre- and post-stenotic ratios. Although several guidelines have been published, many problems concerning measurements and evaluations of carotid plaque and stenosis remain controversial.