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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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2009 - Vol.36

Vol.36 No.01

Case Report(症例報告)

(0053 - 0058)


Successful treatment of cardiac lymphoma showing right atrial mass involving free wall of right ventricle with rituximab plus chemotherapy

網屋 俊1, 塗木 徳人1, 原口 浩一1, 大納 伸人1, 重信 秀峰2, 佐多 直幸1, 東福 勝徳1, 福岡 嘉弘1, 田上 和幸1, 坪内 博仁1

Shun AMIYA1, Norihito NURUKI1, Koichi HARAGUCHI1, Nobuhito OHNOU1, Shuho SHIGENOBU2, Naoyuki SATA1, Katsunori TOFUKU1, Yoshihiro FUKUOKA1, Kazuyuki TANOUE1, Hirohito TSUBOUCHI1

1鹿児島大学大学院消化器疾患・生活習慣病学, 2済生会川内病院内科

1Department of Digestive and Life-Style Related Diseases, Kagoshima University Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences, 2Division of Internal Medicine, Saiseikai Sendai Hospital

キーワード : echocardiography, two-dimensional, diagnostic techniques, malignant lymphoma, rituximab

症例は,79歳男性.高血圧,糖尿病を治療中であった.2008年2月,慢性C型肝炎に対するインターフェロン治療目的で前医に入院した際に,胸骨右縁第二肋間を最強点とする収縮期雑音を聴取された.心エコーで三尖弁,右室自由壁を巻き込む右房内腫瘤を指摘された.右房は腫瘤で占拠され,右心系は拡大していた.PET/CTでは,縦隔および心臓に強い集積を伴う2ヵ所の腫瘤を認めた.発熱,めまいなど症状は無かったが,悪性疾患が強く疑われ,当院へ転院となった.全麻下縦隔鏡下リンパ節生検により,diffuse large B-cell lymphomaと診断し,rituximab併用化学療法を開始した.8クール施行した時点で,心エコー,CT上は腫瘤が著明に縮小した.原発性心臓腫瘍の発生頻度は剖検例の0.001‐0.28%と低く,その中で悪性は25%と少ない.悪性心臓腫瘍の95%は肉腫であり,リンパ腫は5%と稀である.心臓の悪性リンパ腫に対する治療法は確立していない.一方,悪性リンパ腫の治療はrituximabの導入により治療効果が著明に改善しており,心臓悪性リンパ腫であった本症例においても著効した.心エコーが心臓腫瘍の質的評価や経過観察,治療効果判定に有用であった.

A 79-year-old man with hypertension and diabetes mellitus had systolic ejection murmur that was auscultated over the right parasternal area when admitted for interferon therapy for chronic type C hepatitis in February 2008. The echocardiogram revealed a right atrial mass involving the tricuspid valve and the free wall of the right ventricle. A large mass occupied the right atrium, and a dilated right atrium and ventricle were revealed. Enhanced computed tomography and positron emission tomography showed two abnormal masses in the mediastinum and extending from the right atrium to the ventricle. Although no symptoms were presented, we considered the possibility of malignant tumors and had the patient transferred to this institution. Specimens of the mediastinal mass obtained by mediastinoscopic biopsy indicated malignant lymphoma (diffuse large B-cell). Mass size had clearly decreased after eight courses of chemotherapy with rituximab plus CHOP. Treatment of cardiac lymphoma is not established, but rituximab plus chemotherapy for malignant lymphoma improved the prognosis of this patient. These findings suggest the usefulness of echocardiography in evaluating malignant cardiac tumor and judging response to treatment.