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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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2009 - Vol.36

Vol.36 No.01

Original Article(原著)

(0039 - 0048)


Investigation of ultrasound image processing to improve perceptibility of microcalcifications

神山 直久1, 岡村 陽子1, 掛江 明弘1, 橋本 秀行2

Naohisa KAMIYAMA1, Yoko OKAMURA1, Akihiro KAKEE1, Hideyuki HASHIMOTO2

1東芝メディカルシステムズ超音波開発部, 2ちば県民保健予防財団総合検診センター乳腺科

1Ultrasound Systems Division, Toshiba Medical Systems Corp, 2Cancer Screening Center, Chiba Foundation for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

キーワード : speckle, microcalcification, phantom, ultrasonography, mammary


Purpose: This article describes an investigation of the detectability of breast microcalcifications by ultrasound imaging. Methods: Two kinds of experiments were performed to evaluate the spatial and contrast resolution of microstructures in an agar graphite phantom and to analyze human perception of tiny spots. Results: The results showed that most of the difficulties in finding microstructures were not only due to lower echo levels but also to obstructions in the surrounding texture of the image. Based on these results, a new image processing method was proposed to emphasize microcalcifications in mammary glands. This method utilized statistical analysis of the echo signals and also considered the structural pattern of the mammary gland. Processed images from some clinical cases showed adequate extraction of the microcalcifications with efficient cancellation of the mammary gland structure. Conclusion: The results suggested that the perception of microcalcifications could be improved by the proposed method.