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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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2009 - Vol.36

Vol.36 No.01

Review Article(総説)

(0013 - 0022)


US examination on urological emergency diseases

尾上 篤志1, 西岡 伯2, 秋山 隆弘2

Atsushi ONOUE1, Tsukasa NISHIOKA2, Takahiro AKIYAMA2

1恒進會病院腎臓病センター超音波室, 2近畿大学医学部堺病院泌尿器科

1Division of Ultrasound, Kidney Disease Center, Koushinkai Hospital, 2Department of Urology, Kinki University Sakai Hospital

キーワード : US examination, urological emergency diseases, urological emergency treatment


We describe considerations for carrying out ultrasound examinations in cases of common urologic emergency diseases. Urologic diseases requiring emergency surgery or treatment are limited and infrequent and comprise such conditions as trauma of the urogenital organ, rupture of a renal neoplastic mass, rupture of a renal aneurysm, renal infarction, and testicular torsion. On the other hand, those requiring palliative surgery or treatment include stones in the upper urinary tract, acute pyelonephritis, acute renal failure, acute orchitis and epididymitis, bladder tamponade, renal arteriovenous fistula, and urinary retention. When US examination is performed by a US technician or physician, the specific characteristics of pathogenesis and the ultrasonographic features of these emergency diseases should be understood. Moreover, differential diagnosis to distinguish gastrointestinal, hepatobiliary, and gynecologic emergency diseases from urologic diseases is also important.