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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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2006 - Vol.33

Vol.33 No.02

Review Article(総説)

(195 - 209)


Ultrasonographic Diagnosis in Gynecological Disorders

田中 善章, 生田 明子

Yoshiaki TANAKA, Akiko IKUTA


Terakata Ikuno Hospital

キーワード : ascites, cirsoid aneurysm, ovarian tumor, sonohysterography, ultrasonography

婦人科における超音波診断の対象となるのは, 主として子宮・卵巣腫瘍診断であるが, 特にその良・悪性の鑑別診断が重 要とされている. また解像能や血流診断技術の向上により他の各種疾患の診断も可能となっている. 子宮においては筋腫, 腺筋症, 体癌以外に, sonohysterography の活用により内膜ポリープなど子宮腔内病変の診断も精度が向上している. そ の他IUD やcirsoid aneurysm などの診断も可能である. 卵巣においては腫瘍診断が中心となっている. 各良性腫瘍の診 断および悪性群における上皮性non-mucinous type, mucinous type, 転移性癌の鑑別診断が可能である. 他の骨盤内病変 としては, 炎症性疾患として卵管留膿腫, 腹膜炎や異物の診断, また癌性腹水や腹膜偽粘液腫などの腹水および類似疾患 の診断に応用されている.

Although ultrasonographic diagnosis of gynecologic disorders is used primarily to distinguish between benign and malignant uterine or ovarian tumors, recent improvement in resolution and advances in Doppler technology empowers ultrasound to diagnose other intrapelvic disorders. Ultrasonography is also useful in diagnosing such uterine disorders as myoma, adenomyosis, and endometrial carcinoma, while sonohysterography combined with introduction of sterile saline into the uterine cavity provides definitive findings of endometrial polyps. Ultrasonography can also show the location of IUDs and cirsoid aneurysms. Most noteworthy, however, is its usefulness in the differential diagnosis of benign and malignant ovarian tumors. Even malignant, mucinous, nonmucinous, and metastatic lesions can be differentiated with ultrasound. Ultrasonography can also visualize such intrapelvic disorders as pyosalpinx, peritonitis, and the presence of foreign bodies, including gauze, and its ability to diagnose ascites or pseudomyxoma peritonei is also clinically significant.