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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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2003 - Vol.30

Vol.30 No.05

State of the Art(特集)

(J603 - J610)


Assessment of Ventricular Systolic Function

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Third Department of Internal Medicine Ohashi Hospital Toho University School of Medicine

キーワード : left ventricular dimension, left ventricular volume, systolic function, left ventricular mass

心エコー検査において, 心室の収縮能と拡張能を評価することは, 心疾患の種類にかかわらず重要である. このうち左室全体の収縮能評価は左室の大きさや左室容量の変化から算出される. 一方左室局所の壁運動異常の評価は冠動脈疾患の検査法として繁用されている. 左室計測の最も基本的な方法は左室長軸断面における腱索レベルのMモードによる測定である. その他短軸断層左室乳頭筋レベルで, 左室径を測定する方法もある. ただしMモード法から得られた左室径をもとに左室収縮能を評価すると, そこには多くの仮定が含まれているので, 疾患によっては大きな誤差を生むことになる. したがってアメリカ心エコー図学会では, 断層法により左室の径や面積を測るよう推奨している. Mモード法, 断層法いずれを用いるにしても, 左室心内膜描出の鮮明さが計測値の信頼性に大きく影響する. 理論的にも左室容量の計算はMモード法より断層法で評価した方が, 応用できる疾患の範囲は広い. 心内膜描出が不鮮明な場合, 経静脈投与による超音波造影剤の使用により, 心内膜境界は鮮明に描出され, 計測に役立つ.

Evaluation of ventricular systolic and diastolic function is an essential part of all echocardiographic examinations. Determination of global systolic function is based on changes in ventricular size and volume. Regional wall motion analysis is fundamental in evaluating coronary artery disease. Left ventricular dimension are measured from 2D long axis-guided M-mode echocardiogram at the chordae tendinea or 2D short axis at the level of papillary muscle. Although these dimensions can be used to estimate ventricular volume, many errors can occur in such calculation because of many assumptions. The American Society of Echocardiography recommends the quantitative method by 2D echocardiography for determining the linear dimensions, area, and volume of the LV cavity. After a satisfactory 2D echocardiographic image has been obtained to optimize endocardial definitions, appropriate measurements are obtained. The most reliable and convenient methods of LV volume measurements by echocardiography is to use the orthogonal apical views (four-chamber and two-chamber views). The LV volume then is calculated by the modified Simpson method or disk summation method. If only one apical view is available, a single-plane area length method is used. LV endocardial border can be traced manually usually. Left ventricular opacification by intra venous injection of contrast agent is also helpful to determine the endocardial border in the case of poor image recorded conventionally. In conclusion, optimal assessment of left ventricular systolic function depends on vividness of the original echo image. Each parameter should be used with taking account of the adaptation and limitation.