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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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2002 - Vol.29

Vol.29 No.05

Case Report(症例報告)

(J469 - J473)


Renal Infarction Diagnosed with Color Doppler Sonography Using Intravenous Contrast Agent Levovist: A Case Report

菅野 義彦1, 中島 美智子2, 吉岡 久2, 苗村 健二3, 鈴木 洋通1

Yoshihiko KANNO1, Michiko NAKAJIMA2, Hisashi YOSHIOKA2, Kenji NAMURA3, Hiromichi SUZUKI1

1埼玉医科大学腎臓内科, 2埼玉医科大学中央超音波室, 3田辺製薬株式会社

1Department of Nephrology, Saitama Medical School, 2Central Laboratory, Saitama Medical School, 3Tanabe Seiyaku Company Limited

キーワード : contrast-enhanced ultrasonography, Levovist<sup>&#174;</sup>, renal dysfunction, renal infarction

Renal infarction is a relatively rare disorder that produces an array of symptoms. The diagnosis of renal infarction is often difficult, and because this diagnosis requires evaluation of renal blood flow in patients with renal dysfunction, in whom the use of contrast agents should be avoided, it tends to be delayed. We recently encountered a case of renal infarction in which Levovist®, a new intravenous contrast agent, proved useful in diagnosis. The patient, a man aged 63 years whose major complaint was abdominal pain, was admitted to our hospital. Contrast-enhanced ultrasonography with Levovist® clearly showed a hypovascular area in the supra-anterior region of the left kidney. This finding led to a safe, rapid diagnosis of renal infarction in the left kidney that was later confirmed by contrast CT. This case suggests the usefulness of Levovist® in the diagnosis of renal vascular diseases, especially when renal dysfunction is present.