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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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2000 - Vol.27

Vol.27 No.02

Case Report(症例報告)

(0145 - 0150)


Leiomyoma of the Urinary Bladder Diagnosed by Transurethral Ultrasonography and Transabdominal Ultrasonically Guided Biopsy: A Case Report

山尾 裕1, 中村 晃和1, 中村 雅至1, 大江 宏1, 前川 幹雄2

Yutaka YAMAO1, Terukazu NAKAMURA1, Masashi NAKAMURA1, Hiroshi OHE1, Mikio MAEGAWA2

1京都第二赤十字病院泌尿器科, 2京都民医連中央病院泌尿器科

1Department of Urology Kyoto Second Red Cross Hospital, 2Department of Urology Kyoto Miniren Central Hospital

キーワード : Leiomyoma, Ultrasonography, Urinary bladder

The patient was a 42 year-old woman with uterine myoma who had pain on micturition. Cystoscopy showed a broad-based tumor covered with edematous bladder mucosa about 20 mm in diameter at the left anterior bladder wall. Transurethral ultrasonography of the bladder and transabdominal ultrasonically guided biopsy of the entire layer of bladder wall were performed. The preoperative diagnosis was leiomyoma of the urinary bladder, and partial cystectomy combined with simple hysterectomy was performed. Primary leiomyoma of the urinary bladder was confirmed by histopathological diagnosis obtained from the excised specimen.