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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1998 - Vol.25

Vol.25 No.12

Case Report(症例報告)

(1131 - 1139)


Two Cases of Hepatocellular Adenoma: Observation by Color Doppler Imaging

内田 浩也1, 川崎 俊彦2, 東 貞之1, 前西 文秋1, 堀川 里紀1, 榊原 由希1, 登尾 薫1, 樋口 友恵1, 藤堂 彰男2, 小森 英司2, 三村 純2, 井谷 智尚2, 柴峠 光成2, 石川 泰3, 奥野 敏隆3, 橋本 公夫4

Hiroya UCHIDA1, Toshihiko KAWASAKI2, Sadayuki AZUMA1, Fumiaki MAENISHI1, Riki HORIKAWA1, Yuki SAKAKIBARA1, Kaoru NOBORIO1, Tomoe HIGUCHI1, Akio TODO2, Hideshi KOMORI2, Jun MIMURA2, Toshinao ITANI2, Mitsushige SHIBATOHGE2, Toru ISHIKAWA3, Toshitaka OKUNO3, Kimio HASHIMOTO4

1西神戸医療センター臨床検査技術部, 2西神戸医療センター内科, 3西神戸医療センター外科, 4西神戸医療センター病理科

1Clinical Laboratory, Nishi-Kobe Medical Center, 2Department of Internal Medicine, Nishi-Kobe Medical Center, 3Department of Surgery, Nishi-Kobe Medical Center, 4Department of Pathology, Nishi-Kobe Medical Center

キーワード : Color Doppler ultrasonography, Hepatocellular adenoma, Pulsed Doppler ultrasonography

Hepatocellular adenoma is a rare, benign hepatic tumor, possibly associated with such factors as glycogen storage disease and long-term intake of oral contraceptives. The first of the two cases reported here was that of a 31-year-old woman who had used oral contraceptives for several months at the age of twenty-one. Case 2 was that of a 44-year-old man with no history of glycogen storage disease or use of steroids. Gray-scale US showed an isoechoic tumor about 7 cm in diameter in the left hepatic lobe in case 1 and a hypoechoic tumor about 8 cm in diameter in the left hepatic lobe in case 2. Color Doppler US showed multiple blood blow signals in the peripheral and central portions of these two tumors. Pulsed Doppler imaging showed a pulsatile waveform in the peripheral portion and a continuous waveform in the central portion of both tumors. Although sonographic criteria for diagnosing hepatocellular adenoma have not yet been established, Doppler US may prove useful in the diagnosis of hepatocellular adenoma.