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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1998 - Vol.25

Vol.25 No.11

Original Article(原著)

(1059 - 1066)


Ultrasonic Propagation Characteristics of a Cross-linked Polyethylene Oxide Gel and Its Application to an Acoustic Coupler

沖中 潮広1, 竹内 康人2, 垣下 修3, 大谷 隆彦4

Shiohiro OKINAKA1, Yasuhito TAKEUCHI2, Osamu KAKISHITA3, Takahiko OTANI4

1三菱電機(株), 2GE横河メディカルシステム(株), 3三菱樹脂(株), 4同志社大学工学部

1Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, 2GE Yokogawa Medical Systems, 3Mitsubishi Plastics Industries Ltd., 4Faculty of Engineering Doshisha University

キーワード : Acoustic coupler, Cross-linked polyethylene oxide (PEO) gel, Highly water-absorbable polymeric gel

A highly water-absorbent polymeric gel like cross-linked polyethylene oxide (PEO) gel would be a likely candidate as an acoustic coupling material for use in medical ultrasound, because its flexibility and deformability allow it to conform in a watery attachment to the surface of the body. We accurately measured sound velocity, attenuation, and acoustic impedance of PEO in order to investigate its performance as an acoustic coupling material at the body surface. Our results show that its lower attenuation and better matching of sound speed and acoustic impedance to the body surface make cross-linked PEO gel superior to other well-known acoustic coupling materials. Because PEO is easily torn once it has absorbed water, however, some sort of auxiliary device would be necessary in actual clinical application.