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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1998 - Vol.25

Vol.25 No.06

Original Article(原著)

(0679 - 0687)

アルコール性肝炎の超音波診断: 肝動脈枝拡張による pseudoparallel channel sign の本邦症例における臨床的意義について

Ultrasonographic Diagnosis of Alcoholic Hepatitis: Clinical Significance of the "Pseudoparallel Channel Sign" of Intrahepatic Artery Dilatation in a Japanese Patient

住野 泰清1, 草野 昌男1, 2, 窪田 学1, 2, 川船 隆史1, 松丸 克彦1, 篠原 正夫1, 池原 孝1, 谷川 佳世子1, 2, 石井 耕司1, 橋本 優子2

Yasukiyo SUMINO1, Masao KUSANO1, 2, Manabu KUBOTA1, 2, Takashi KAWAFUNE1, Katsuhiko MATSUMARU1, Masao SHINOHARA1, Takashi IKEHARA1, Kayoko TANIGAWA1, 2, Koji ISHII1, Yuko HASHIMOTO2

1東邦大学医学部内科第2講座, 2東邦大学医学部付属大森病院超音波検査室

1Second Department of Internal Medicine, Toho University School of Medicine, 2Ultrasound Laboratory, Toho University Omori Hospital

キーワード : Alcoholic hepatitis, Diagnosis, Hepatic artery, Pseudoparallel channel sign, Ultrasound

We have previously reported characteristic "pseudoparallel channel sign (PPCS)" of intrahepatic artery dilatation observed within the liver subsegments of patients with alcoholic hepatitis in the United States. Here we attempt to assess the significance of this sign among Japanese patients with alcoholic liver injury and to determine whether or not this sign has universal validity for diagnosing alcoholic hepatitis. PPCS was specifically searched for in consecutive patients: 7 with alcoholic hepatitis , 94 with other alcoholic liver diseases, and 392 with nonalcohol-related liver diseases. When PPCS was observed, color Doppler ultrasound was used to distinguish it from the authentic parallel channel sign of biliary obstruction. As a result, PPCS was observed in 6 (86%) of 7 patients with alcoholic hepatitis and in 2 of 16 patients with alcoholic liver cirrhosis accompanied by gigantic portosystemic shunt. PPCS was not detected in patients with other liver diseases. We conclude that PPCS is observed in Japanese patients with alcoholic hepatitis at a rate similar to that seen in patients in the United States. Our results strongly suggest that PPCS is an important diagnostic finding in alcoholic hepatitis.