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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1998 - Vol.25

Vol.25 No.05

Original Article(原著)

(0619 - 0624)


Ultrasonographic Diagnosis of Ischemic Colitis: Comparison of Ultrasonographic and Colonoscopic Findings

藤井 康友, 畠 二郎, 濱田 敏秀, 二神 浩司, 寺面 和史, 小根森 元, 末永 健二

Yasutomo FUJII, Jiro HATA, Toshihide HAMADA, Koji FUTAGAMI, Kazushi TERAMEN, Gen KONEMORI, Kenji SUENAGA


Department of Gastroenterology Miyoshi General Hospital

キーワード : Colonoscopy, Ischemic colitis, Ultrasonography, Hepatocellular carcinoma, Quantitative analysis

Objective._Findings of transabdominal ultrasonography in patients with ischemic colitis were compared with those of colonoscopy to determine the usefulness of ultrasonography in assessing the severity of this disease.
Patients and Methods._Both ultrasonography and colonoscopy were used to examine 18 patients with ischemic colitis within 72 hours after onset. The cases were classified into two groups on the basis of sonographic characteristics: group B, in which wall stratification from the first to the third layer of the affected bowel segment was blurred; and group D, in which wall stratification was distinct. Colonoscopic findings were also divided into two types: type UL (-), in which congestion, hemorrhage, and erosion, alone or in combination, were evident without the presence of ulcers; and type UL (+), in which ulceration was also detected. Statistical significance was determined by the Mann-Whitney test.
Results._Ultrasonography showed segmental wall thickening ranging from 5.2 to 12.0 mm (6.7±1.9 mm, mean±SD), on the left side of the colon. The wall was significantly thicker in group B than in group D (7.9±1.6 mm vs 5.5±0.9 mm, p Conclusion._Ultrasonographic characteristics showed a strong correlation with colonoscopic findings. Ultrasonography can be used for noninvasive assessment of severity of ischemic colitis.