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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1998 - Vol.25

Vol.25 No.05

Original Article(原著)

(0607 - 0612)


Damage to Gastric Cancer Cells Induced by Sonodynamic Activation of Porfimer Sodium: the Effect of Temperature and Light Intensity

山下 裕一1, 2, 黒肱 敏彦1, 2, 3, 甲斐 良樹1, 渡辺 建詞1, 立花 克郎1, 2, 3, 白日 高歩1, 2

Yuichi YAMASHITA1, 2, Toshihiko KUROHIJI1, 2, 3, Yoshiki KAI1, Kenshi WATANABE1, Katsuro TACHIBANA1, 2, 3, Takayuki SHIRAKUSA1, 2

1福岡大学第2外科, 2天神会古賀病院, 3福岡大学第1内科

1Second Department of Surgery, Fukuoka University, School of Medicine, 2Koga Hospital, 3First Department of Internal Medicine, Fukuoka University, School of Medicine

キーワード : Cell line, Gastric cancer, Porfimer sodium (Photofrin), Sonodynamic therapy , Ultrasound

We determined the conditions of temperature and light intensity for sonodynamic chemotherapy on a human gastric cancer cell line (KATO-Ⅲ). The drug used in this study was porfimer sodium (Photofrin; Pf), and the cells were exposed to 0.9 MHz ultrasound. The ultrasound transducer used was driven at an intensity of 0.5 W/cm2 for 10 seconds. Cells were held 10℃ or 25℃ to evaluate the effect of temperature, and a dimly lighted room and a dark room were used for evaluating light intensity. Cell-killing rate under these various conditions by treatment with ultrasound, Pf, or both, were evaluated statistically. A combination of ultrasound and Pf killed cells at a higher rate under all four sets of conditions than ultrasound alone. After administration of 50 μg/ml of Pf, cell-killing rate in a dimly lighted or dark room was significantly higher at 25℃ than at 10℃ (p