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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1998 - Vol.25

Vol.25 No.02

Original Article(原著)

(0093 - 0096)


Doppler Ultrasonography of Needle Tract After Percutaneous Liver Biopsy in Patients With Chronic Hepatitis

岩田 郁1, 喜多村 祐次1, 飯田 武史1, 富安 和光2, 上村 精一郎1

Kaoru IWATA1, Yuji KITAMURA1, Takeshi IIDA1, Kazumitu TOMIYASU2, Seiichiro KAMIMURA1

1福岡赤十字病院肝臓内科, 2福岡赤十字病院検査部

1Department of Internal Medicin, Fukuoka Red Cross Hospital, 2Department of Laboratory, Fukuoka Red Cross Hospital

キーワード : Bleeding, Color Doppler ultrasonography , Percutaneous ethanol injection therapy , Percutaneous liver biopsy

We performed ultrasound guided liver biopsy on 109 patients with chronic hepatitis from April 1996 until August 1997. We observed the needle tracts leading to the surface of the liver in all patient and found abnormal color Doppler flow in 16 of them. Waveform was constant in 11 of these cases and pulsatile in 1 case, in the remaining 4 cases, it could not be analyzed. We divided the 16 cases into two groups based on presence or absence of residual needle tract one minute after liver biopsy. One group (6 cases) retained the residual tract in the liver; the other group (10 cases) did not. Comparison of the backgrounds of the patients in the two groups showed the only significant difference to be in the results of the normotest. The tract disappeared in the 6 cases in which it had been retained, when pure ethanol was injected into the residual tract through a PTC needle. We suggest that color Doppler ultrasonography may prove useful for the prediction of bleeding after liver biopsy, and that percutaneous ethanol injection may be effective in stopping bleeding after this procedure.