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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1997 - Vol.24

Vol.24 No.02

Case Report(症例報告)

(0165 - 0170)


Splenic Epidermoid Cyst With Characteristic Appearance on Ultrasound: A Case Report

野田 弘志1, 白浜 正文2, 中尾 多香昭2, 古川 次男1, 井島 宏1, 岡 直剛1, 入江 康司3

Hiroshi NODA1, Masafumi SHIRAHAMA2, Takaaki NAKAO2, Tsugio FURUKAWA1, Hiroshi IJIMA1, Naokata OKA1, Kohji IRIE3

1佐賀県立病院好生館外科, 2佐賀県立病院好生館内科, 3佐賀県立病院好生館病理

1Department of Sugery, Saga Prefectural Hospital, 2Department of Internal Medicine, Saga Prefectural Hospital, 3Department of Pathology, Saga Prefectural Hospital

キーワード : Epidermoid cyst, Spleen, Ultrasound

A 48-year-old woman visited this institution because of pain in the left upper quadrant. A mass that was palpable but not tender was discovered at the left subcostal region on physical examination, and subsequent imaging studies produced four main findings. First, abdominal plain x-ray film showed a round calcified mass in left upper quadrant. Second, ultrasound examination showed a remarkably large cystic mass with a calcified rim near the lower pole of the spleen. There was layering of two fluids within the cyst: one was almost anechoic; the other was echogenic. The interface between the two fluids was disarranged and fine bright echoes were scattered throughout the cystic mass when the patient's position was changed. Third, CT scan showed a homogenous mass that had water density and measured 9 cm in diameter at the lower pole of the spleen. Calcification of the wall was also noted. Fourth, T1- and T2- weighted MR images of the abdomen showed a spherical mass with a smooth wall and homogeneously low and high intensity, respectively. The mass was diagnosed as a splenic cyst, and splenectomy was performed. Histologic exploration of the mass showed it to be an epidermoid cyst. The sonographic characteristics of this splenic epidermoid cyst are described here.