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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1997 - Vol.24

Vol.24 No.02

Original Article(原著)

(0139 - 0146)


Evaluation of Efferent Flow From the Gallbladder Wall by Color Doppler Sonography

濵田 充生1, 岡部 純弘2, 冨田 周介2, 栃尾 人司1, 簑輪 和士1, 曽我 登志子1, 森本 義人1, 樫田 博史2, 工藤 正俊2, 藤堂 彰男2

Michio HAMADA1, Yoshihiro OKABE2, Shusuke TOMITA2, Hitoshi TOCHIO1, Kazushi MINOWA1, Toshiko SOGA1, Yoshito MORIMOTO1, Hiroshi KASHIDA2, Masatoshi KUDO2, Akio TODO2

1神戸市立中央市民病院腹部超音波室, 2神戸市立中央市民病院消化器センター内科

1Abdominal Ultrasound Section, Kobe City General Hospital, 2Department of Gastroenterology, Kobe City General Hospital

キーワード : Color Doppler Sonography, Efferent flow, Focal spared area, Gallbladder

Color Doppler sonography was used to clarify the origin and significance of the efferent flow signal from the gallbladder wall. The efferent flow from the gallbladder wall was detected in 25 cases: 13 with acute cholecystitis, 1 with benign gallbladder polyp, 1 with adenomyomatosis, 1 with gallbladder cancer, 5 with focal spared area in diffuse fatty liver, 3 with liver cirrhosis (2 with hepatocellular carcinoma), and 1 with chronic hepatitis. The efferent flows communicated with the intrahepatic portal branch (9 cases), the hepatic vein (2 cases), or both (1 case). Furthermore, regurgitating flow of intrahepatic portal branch (P 5) was shown in 3 cases with acute cholecystitis. We conclude that the efferent flow from the gallbladder wall identified by color Doppler sonography corresponded to the cystic vein, which is difficult to detect with other imaging modalities. Color Doppler imaging may also be useful in assessing the severity of such pathologic conditions as acute cholecystitis or gallbladder cancer, and also in clarifying the cause of the focal spared area found in diffuse fatty liver or cystic vein hypertension.