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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1996 - Vol.23

Vol.23 No.02

Case Report(症例報告)

(0153 - 0156)


A Case of Intravenous Leiomyomatosis Extending Into the Right Atrium Detected by Echocardiography

大島 満1, 古嶋 博司1, 岩崎 康一1, 大塚 英明1, 對馬 由佳子2, 梨本 泰代2, 高橋 幸彦2, 岡崎 裕史3, 丸山 行夫3

Mitsuru OHSHIMA1, Hiroshi FURUSHIMA1, Koichi IWASAKI1, Hideaki OHTSUKA1, Yukako TSUSHIMA2, Yasuyo NASHIMOTO2, Yukihiko TAKAHASHI2, Hirofumi OKAZAKI3, Yukio MARUYAMA3

1新潟こばり病院循環器内科, 2新潟こばり病院生理機能検査室, 3新潟こばり病院心臓血管外科

1Department of Cardiology, Niigata Kobari Hospital, 2Department of Physiological Examination, Niigata Kobari Hospital, 3Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Niigata Kobari Hospital

キーワード :

A 61-year-old woman with a tumor in the right atrium was first seen at the department of cardiovascular surgery of this institution on August 24, 1995. Transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) showed masses in the inferior vena cava and right atrium. One of these masses entered the right ventricle during diastole. Magnetic resonance imaging and venography suggested extension of a tumor originating near the left ovarian vein through the inferior vena cava and into the right atrium. The tumor was resected under cardiopulmonary bypass on September 13, 1995, and the pathologic diagnosis was intravenous leiomyomatosis (IVL). IVL is a rare benign tumor that extends intravenously in the uterus and pelvic veins: fewer than 30 cases have been reported. TEE contributes to preoperative assessment of the structure and the extension of the tumor into the great vessels, inflow and outflow tracts, values, and intra-atrial septum.