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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1995 - Vol.22

Vol.22 No.10

Case Report(症例報告)

(0733 - 0736)


Bladder Tumor Discovered By Transrectal Ultrasonography: Two Case Reports

藤田 潔, 山本 議仁, 山岡 伸好, 香川 賢一, 竹中 生昌

Kiyoshi FUJITA, Norihito YAMAMOTO, Nobuyoshi YAMAOKA, Yorikazu KAGAWA, Ikumasa TAKENAKA


Department of Urology Kagawa Medical School

キーワード : Bladder tumor, Transrectal ultrasonography

We report two cases of bladder tumor discovered by transrectal ultrasonography. Case 1 was presented by a 72-year-old man who complained of pollakisuria. Transrectal ultrasonography revealed benign prostatic hyperplasia and bladder, tumor, and transurethral resection of the bladder tumor and transurethral incision of the bladder neck were performed. No recurrence of the bladder tumor occurred after surgery. Case 2 was presented by a 69-year-old man who complained of urinary incontinence. Transrectal ultrasonography revealed opening of the bladder neck and bladder tumor, and transurethral resection of the bladder tumor was performed. Intravesical recurrence of the tumor occurred, and another transurethral resection of the bladder tumor was required six months later. We recommend bladder scan during transrectal ultrasonography for the screening of bladder tumor whenever a patient complains of any urinary disturbance.