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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1995 - Vol.22

Vol.22 No.05

Original Article(原著)

(0375 - 0379)


The Ultrasonic Appearance of Testicular Rupture

平沢 潔

Kiyoshi HlRASAWA


Department of Urology, University of Tokyo

キーワード : Breach of the tunica albuginea , Hematocele, Intratesticular hematoma , Testicular rupture , Ultrasonic characteristics

We studied the ultrasonic characteristics of testicular rupture and compared them to the operative findings in one case of hematocele alone and six cases of testicular rupture. Breach of the tunica albuginea accompanied by extrusion of the testicular parenchyma was demonstrated sonographically in five of the six cases of testicular rupture. Breach of the albuginea was clearly indicative of testicular rupture. Testicular enlargement was also present in five cases; intratesticular hematoma, in four; and hematocele, in six. A diagnosis of testicular rupture could be made in patients with ultrasonographically demonstrated intratesticular hematoma and hematocele, even when breach of albuginea could not be demonstrated. However, one case in which the ultrasonographic findings indicated testicular rupture with hematocele and extrusion of testicular parenchyma turned out on surgery to be hematoma alone. Early diagnosis and surgical intervention is essential in order to prevent loss of a testis in cases of testicular rupture. We think that ultrasonography will help to prevent testicular loss as the incidence of testicular rupture.