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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1994 - Vol.21

Vol.21 No.12

Case Report(症例報告)

(0863 - 0869)


Hepatosplenic Microabscesses in Leukemic Patients

三谷 昌弘1, 児島 完治1, 西山 佳宏1, 津内 保彦1, 松野 慎介1, 川瀬 良郎1, 佐藤 功1, 永井 雅巳2, 田邉 正忠1

Masahiro MITANI1, Kanji KOJIMA1, Yoshihiro NISHIYAMA1, Yasuhiko TUUCHI1, Shinsuke MATSUNO1, Yoshirou KAWASE1, Katashi SATOH1, Masami NAGAI2, Masatada TANABE1

1香川医科大学放射線科, 2香川医科大学第1内科

1Department of Radiology, Kagawa Medical School, 2First Department of Internal Medicine Kagawa Medical School

キーワード : Abscess, Leukemia, Liver, Microabscesses, Spleen

Microabscesses of the liver and spleen were observed in six leukemic patients after chemotherapy. Clinical symptoms included fever, abdominal pain, and hepatic dysfunction. Ultrasonography (US) disclosed multiple small hypoechoic lesions with a bull's eye appearance in the liver. Bacteriological diagnosis was performed in only one case, in which Candida tropicalis was cultured from the blood. The other cases were diagnosed by imaging studies using US and computed tomography (CT), as well as according to symptoms. US findings are not specific, but fungal microabscesses of the liver and spleen were characteristic after chemotherapy in leukemic patients. Because of its sensitivity, US is useful in the early detection of microabscesses, as well as for follow-up studies.