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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1994 - Vol.21

Vol.21 No.11

Original Article(原著)

(0737 - 0744)

下行大動脈・腸骨動脈における動脈硬化の観察: 血管内超音波法による検討

Intravascular Ultrasound Assessment of Atherosclerotic Changes in the Descending Aorta and Common Iliac Artery

三宅 仁, 吉川 純一, 吉田 清, 赤阪 隆史, 赤土 正洋, 穂積 健之, 本多 康浩, 福田 久也

Shinobu MIYAKE, Junichi YOSHIKAWA, Kiyoshi YOSHIDA, Takashi AKASAKA, Masahiro SHAKUDO, Takeshi HOZUMI, Yasuhiro HONDA, Hisaya FUKUDA


Department of Cardiology, Kobe General Hospital

キーワード : Atherosclerotic change, Intravascular ultrasound

To assess atherosclerotic changes in the descending aorta (descending thoracic aorta, suprarenal and infrarenal abdominal aorta) and the common iliac artery, 101 aortographically normal subjects were studied using an 8 F, 15-MHz intravascular ultrasound catheter (IVUS). Atherosclerotic changes were evaluated using the atheroma score (extent score of atheroma; ESA), the calcification score (extent score of calcification; ESC), and % area stenosis (% ST). We separated the intraluminal area of the IVUS images into eight equal segments when we observed an atheromatous plaque (or calcification). ESA or ESC were then evaluated on a scale of 0 to 8 on each sectional plane, according to their circumferential arc, and % ST was calculated as ratio of intraluminal area to the area of the adventitia. Atherosclerotic changes, ESA, and % ST were greater in the lower part of the descending aorta and the common iliac artery than in the thoracic aorta (p