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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1994 - Vol.21

Vol.21 No.11

Original Article(原著)

(0695 - 0701)


Usefulness and Limitations of Digital Echocardiography in Detecting Wall Motion Abnormality During Stress Echocardiography

小山 潤, 別府 慎太郎, 田中 教雄, 川野 成夫, 清水 智明, 宍戸 稔聡, 松田 尚雄, 宮武 邦夫

Jun KOYAMA, Shintaro BEPPU, Norio TANAKA, Shigeo KAWANO, Tomoaki SHIMIZU, Toshiaki SHISHIDO, Hisao MATSUDA, Kunio MIYATAKE


National Cardiovascular Center

キーワード : Digital Echocardiography, Ischemic Heart Disease, LV Asynergy, Stress Echocardiography

Digital echocardiography enabled us to record and review the same two-dimensional echocardiographic section in each stage during stress echocardiography. We compared and contrasted the usefulness and limitations of echocardiography and VTR records in assessing abnormalities in wall motion. Sixteen patients with ischemic heart disease were each assessed in sixteen segments in each stress stage. Wall motion was assessed from wall motion scores (WMS) as judged by three independent examiners. The coincidence ratio of WMS change was better for digital echocardiography than for VTR records, and mean time required to score WMS from VTR records was two-and-a-half times longer than from digital echocardiography.