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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1994 - Vol.21

Vol.21 No.06

Case Report(症例報告)

(0386 - 0390)

Von Meyenburq's Complexを合併したCaroli病の1例

A case of Caroli's Disease with Von Meyenburg's Complex

石川 恵子, 中島 俊之, 吉岡 久, 中島 美智子, 大西 久仁彦, 伊藤 進

Keiko ISHIKAWA, Toshiyuki NAKAJIMA, Hisashi YOSHIOKA, Michiko NAKAJIMA, Kunihiko OHNISHI, Susumu ITOH


The Third Department of Internal Medicine, Saitama Medical School

キーワード : Von Meyenburg's Complex, Caroli's disease, Ultrasonographic examination

The case was a male aged 72. A cystic pattern showing continuity with the bile duct was observed sporadically together with an image of dilated intrahepatic bile duct in the left lobe of the liver by ultrasonographic examination. Fibrosis of the portal triad was observed in the left lobe in the hepatic tissue, but no hyperplasia of the bile duct was seen, for which it was considered to be Caroli's disease of the type without complication of hepatic fibrosis. Dilatation and irregular hyperplasia of the bile duct in the portal triad were observed in the right lobe and diagnosed as Von Meyenburg's Complex (VMC). No report has been seen regarding the cases complicated by Caroli's disease and VMC, reason of which was suggested as that VMC is detected accidentary in many cases and it is hard to emerge in the image finding unless it exists multiply.