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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1994 - Vol.21

Vol.21 No.05

Original Article(原著)

(0272 - 0277)


Effects of Aging on the Left Atrial Contractile Function of Normal Subjects

村上 弘則1, 米倉 修二2, 高橋 尚子2, 橋本 暁佳2, 長谷 守2, 善岡 信博2, 田中 繁道2, 飯村 攻2

Hironori MURAKAMI1, Shuji YONEKURA2, Naoko TAKAHASHI2, Akiyoshi HASHIMOTO2, Mamoru HASE2, Nobuhiro YOSHIOKA2, Shigemichi TANAKA2, Osamu IIMURA2

1天使病院循環器内科, 2札幌医科大学第2内科

1Department of Cardiology Tenshi Hospital, 2Second Department of Internal Medicine School of Medicine Sapporo Medical University

キーワード : Aging, Left atrial function

To assess the effects of aging on the left atrial contractile function, 170 normal subjects (84 males and 86 females; 40.0±16.9 years old) were analyzed echocardiographically. From an M-mode recording at the aortic root level, it was possible to examine the left atrial dimension index just prior to atrial contraction (DDal) as end-diastole, that after atrial contraction (DSal) as end-systole, maximum left atrial dimension index (DmaxI) and the interval between both timing (ETa). This made it possible to compute atrial filling fraction (AFF), the fractional shortening of the left atrium (FSa), and the mean velocity of circumferential fiber shortening of the left atrium (mVCFa). DDal, DSal, DmaxI and AFF increased with age, although aging did not alter the values of FSa and mVCFa. These findings suggest that left atrial contractility did not alter with age although the magnitude of preload recruitment to the left atrium increased with age for maintaining left ventricular filling.