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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1994 - Vol.21

Vol.21 No.03

Case Report(症例報告)

(0157 - 0160)

Hyperechoic Massに描出された膵Solid and Cystic Tumorの1例

A Small Solid and Cystic Tumor of the Pancreas Demonstrated as Hyperechoic Mass on Ultrasonography

鈴木 俊, 勝二 郁夫, 二宮 朋之, 市川 幹郎, 近藤 俊文

Takashi SUZUKI, Ikuo SHOJI, Tomoyuki NINOMIYA, Mikio ICHIKAWA, Toshifumi KONDO


Department of Internal Medicine, Uwajima Municipal Hospital

キーワード : Solid and cystic tumor, Ultarsonography, Hyperechoic mass

We experienced a small solid and cystic tumor 24 mm in diameter, which proved to be a hyperechoic mass on ultrasonography. Any small solid and cystic tumors do not reveal a proper ultrasonogram because of their histological structures. Given the resolution that can be expected from ultrasonic diagnostic equipment, it is reasonable to make a comparison with a low-magnified histological picture when characterizing the ultrasonogram. The low-magnified histological picture of this tumor revealed a sponge-like structure with scattered numerous small fissures in the solid tumor, we concluded that the hyperechoic pattern of this tumor was the result of its sponge-like histological structure.