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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1993 - Vol.20

Vol.20 No.10

Original Article(原著)

(0543 - 0547)


Intravesical Ultrasound Tomography with Miniature Probe for Bladder Cancer

服部 一紀1, 樋之津 史郎2, 島居 徹2, 内田 克紀2, 赤座 英之2, 小磯 謙吉2

Kazunori HATTORI1, Shiro HINOTSU2, Toru SHIMAZUI2, Katsunori UCHIDA2, Hideyuki AKAZA2, Kenkichi KOISO2

1猿島協同病院泌尿器科, 2筑波大学泌尿器科

1Department of Urology, Sashima kyodo hospital, 2Department of Urology, Institute of Clinical Medicine, University of Tsukuba

キーワード : Intravesical Ultrasound Tomography, Miniature Probe, Bladder Cancer

Staging of bladder cancer is most important in determining treatment and formulating a prognosis. Transurethral ultrasound scanning is a useful method for staging bladder cancer. We studied transurethral ultrasound tomography with a roatating 7.5 MHz miniature probe (Olympus UM-1W) under cystoscopy to improve the accuracy of staging. Eighteen patients with bladder cancer (13 had superficial tumors and 5 invasive) were examined by this method. The scanner was inserted into the bladder through a working channel of a 25Fr cystoscope at the same time of transurethral resection of the tumor. Intravesical ultrasound tomography with a conventional probe (Aloka ASU-58) was also performed and the results compared with those obtained using a miniature probe. As a miniature probe could be applied close to the tumors and an ideal reflex could be produced, the sonograms using the miniature probe were superior to those using a conventional probe, especilay for small tumors. However, we could not precisely define tumor depth when the tumor extended beyond the muscle layer of the bladder. The correlation of the clinical T stage defined by ultrasound using a miniature probe to the pathological T stage was not different from that of the clinical T stage defined by ultrasound using a conventional probe. Although there are still some problems to be solved, this device should be able to improve transurethral endoscopic ultrasonography of the bladder and the upper urinary tract.