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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1993 - Vol.20

Vol.20 No.06

Original Article(原著)

(0356 - 0361)


Pancreatic Echo-level

児島 完治, 川瀬 良郎, 西山 佳宏, 合田 眞由美, 津内 保彦, 瀬尾 裕之, 佐藤 功, 田邉 正忠

Kanji KOJIMA, Yoshiroh KAWASE, Yoshihiro NISHIYAMA, Mayumi GODA, Yasuhiko TUUCHI, Hiroyuki SEO, Katashi SATOH, Masatada TANABE


Department of Radiology, Kagawa Medical School

キーワード : Pancreas, Echo-level, Echogenicity

Pancreatic echogenicity was evaluated by echo-level (EL) difference between pancreas and liver. EL difference was measured in 443 patients and investigated according to the various factors affecting pancreatic echogenicity such as sex, body weight, drinking habits and fatty liver. Apparently hyperechoic pancreas showed an EL-difference (Mean±SD) of 8.8±4.7. In slightly hyperechoic, isoechoic, slightly hypoechoic and apparently hypoechoic pancreas the differences were 3.3±2.9, 1.0±2.8, -1.4±3.3 and -5.0±0.6, respectively.
Pancreatic EL was increased with age. Sex and body weight were not significant factors affecting the pancreatic EL. In the patients with fatty livers the EL difference was diminished due to increased EL of the liver.
Pancreas did not always show a high EL in the aged subjects. Especially patients with a drinking history had a lower EL. It was considered that fibrosis and less fat deposition due to long-term alcohol use may have caused a lower pancreatic EL. Because of small EL difference, it is very difficult to detect a hypoechoic pancreatic cancer in the non-hyperechoic pancreas. Therefore, such a pancreas should be carefully examined.