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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1993 - Vol.20

Vol.20 No.01

Case Report(症例報告)

(0039 - 0043)


One Case of Multiple Hepatic Hemangioma which Showed Hepatocellular Carcinoma like Aspects on Ultrasonography

浦岡 佳子, 西村 庸夫, 中西 正, 有馬 祥子, 棟田 三保, 吉野 守彦, 波多野 誠, 正木 善告

Yoshiko URAOKA, Nobuo NISHIMURA, Tadashi NAKANISHI, Syouko ARIMA, Miho MUNETA, Morihiko YOSHINO, Makoto HATANO, Yoshitsugu MASAKI


Department of Internal Medicine Matsuyama Shimin Hospital

キーワード : Hepatocellular carcinoma, Hepatic hemangioma, Diagnosis, Ultrasonography

We studied a case of multiple hepatic hemangioma with abnormal liver function and HCV antibody, which exhibited hepatocellular carcinoma like aspects on ultrasonography. The main tumor was accompanied by a halo, mosaic pattern, lateral shadow, and posterior echo enhancement on ultrasonography. Another tumor had a halo and mosaic pattern. The remaining tumor was visualized as a hypoechoic lesion 10 mm in diameter. These tumors did not show the low-density area so typical of hemangioma on plain CT. All three showed retention of contrast medium for more than 10 min and a diagnosis of typical hepatic hemangioma was made on the patient.