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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1992 - Vol.19

Vol.19 No.12

Case Report(症例報告)

(0875 - 0877)


Case of Liver Cyst Diagnosed as Polypoid Lesion of the Gallbladder

塚本 忠司, 木下 博明, 広橋 一裕, 久保 正二, 岩佐 隆太郎, 藤尾 長久, 田中 宏, 堀井 勝彦, 半羽 宏之

Tadashi TSUKAMOTO, Hiroaki KINOSHITA, Kazuhiro HIROHASHI, Shoji KUBO, Ryutaro IWASA, Nagahisa FUJIO, Hiromu TANAKA, Katsuhiko HORII, Hiroyuki HAMBA


Second Department of Surgery, Osaka City University Medical School

キーワード : Liver cyst, Polypoid lesion, Gallbladder

A 41-year-old woman visited our hospital suffering from epigastralgia. A hypoechoic lesion 1 cm in diameter was found in the wall of the gallbladder fundus by ultrasonography. An oral cholecystogram showed a filling defect protruding smoothly from the gallbladder wall. Computed tomography did not show any lesion. Polypoid lesion was diagnosed and laparotomy was performed. The lesion was found to be a liver cyst pressing against the gallbladder wall. It is sometimes difficult to diagnose small liver cysts near the abdominal wall. In this case, endoscopic ultrasonography might have been useful for diagnosis.