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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1992 - Vol.19

Vol.19 No.08

Original Article(原著)

(0589 - 0595)


Usefulness of Transvaginal Ultrasonography in the Structural Diagnosis of Ovarian Tumors in Comparison with MRI

笹 秀典1, 小林 久晃1, 大沼 一也1, 吉田 純1, 小松 要介1, 小林 充尚1, 入江 喬介2

Hidenori SASA1, Hisaaki KOBAYASHI1, Kazuya OONUMA1, Atsushi YOSHIDA1, Yousuke KOMATSU1, Mitsunao KOBAYASHI1, Takasuke IRIE2

1防衛医科大学校分娩部, 2アロカ(株)第1技術部

1Department of Perinatal and Maternal Medicine, National Defense Medical College, 2The First Department of Technology, Aloka Co., Ltd.

キーワード : Ovarian tumor, Transvaginal ultrasonography, MRI, Image quality

Structural transvaginal ultrasonographic findings of 12 ovarian tumors were compared with the findings of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and their usefulness was evaluated. Of the ovarian tumors from 12 women (mean age, 41 years; range, 20-71 years), 3 were dermoid cysts, 5 were endometrial cysts, and 4 were ovarian carcinomas. Transabdominal and transvaginal ultrasonography (TVUS) and MRI were performed on these tumors preoperatively and the histopathological diagnoses were confirmed. The imagings of TVUS and MRI were evaluated in terms of contents, inner wall and septum, capsule and solid portion of the ovarian tumors. The findings showed that TVUS can detect hair in dermoid cysts, adhesion in endometrial cysts and the papillation from ovarian carcinoma better than MRI. But MRI can clearly identify hemorrhagic contents in endometrial cysts and the invasion in ovarian carcinoma better than TVUS. The image quality of the Aloka SSD 650 used for TVUS was better than that of the Mitsubishi MRI-150 S used for MRI. Both TVUS and MRI are useful in the differential diagnosis of ovarian tumors and each offers a distinctive advantage over the other.