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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1992 - Vol.19

Vol.19 No.06

Original Article(原著)

(0403 - 0408)


Clinical Evaluation of Secretin-laoding Ultrasonography in Alcoholic Pancreatic Injury

池野 浩司, 新谷 寛, 井上 久行, 馬場 忠雄, 細田 四郎

Hiroshi IKENO, Hiroshi SHINTANI, Hisayuki INOUE, Tadao BAMBA, Shiro HOSODA


The Second Department of Internal Medicine,Shiga University of Medical Science

キーワード : Secretin, Main pancreatic duct, Alcohol, Ultrasonography

We examined the ultrasonographic changes in the diameter of the main pancreatic duct in alcoholics, who showed no indications of chronic pancreatitis, by use of secretin. Various parameters, including D1 (diameter of the main pancreatic duct before secretin injection) , D2 (maximum diameter of the main pancreatic duct after secretin injection) , MRT (maximum reaction time) , RT (recovery time) , MDR (maximum reaction time) , M-value (MDR/MRT) and R-value (MDR/RT) were established and evaluated. There were significant increases of D2, M-value, MDR and prolongation of RT in alcoholics. RT and MDR in particular were very useful for distinguishing the alcoholic group from the normal one. It was concluded that secretin-loading ultrasonography was useful for detecting of alcohol-related pancreatic injury.