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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1992 - Vol.19

Vol.19 No.02

Original Article(原著)

(0150 - 0156)


A Study on the Utility of Ultrasonography to Measure Tumor Size of Breast Cancer

橋本 隆1, 小西 豊1, 奥野 敏隆1, 梶原 建熙1, 小縣 正明2, 尾上 一美3, 島田 啓子3, 杤尾 人司3, 簑輪 和士3, 濱田 充生3, 森本 義人3

Takashi HASHIMOTO1, Yutaka KONISHI1, Toshitaka OKUNO1, Tatehiro KAJIWARA1, Masaaki OGATA2, Kazumi ONOUE3, Keiko SHIMADA3, Hitoshi TOCHIO3, Kazushi MINOWA3, Mitsuo HAMADA3, Yoshito MORIMOTO3

1神戸市立中央市民病院第一外科, 2神戸市立中央市民病院第二外科, 3神戸市立中央市民病院腹部超音波検査室

1Kobe City General Hospital, The 1st Department of Surgery, 2Kobe City General Hospital, The 2nd Department of Surgery, 3Kobe City General Hospital, Abdominal Ultrasonic Laboratory

キーワード : Tumor size, Breast cancer, Ultrasonography

The subjects involved in the present study were 136 patients with breast cancers who had undergone ultrasonographic examination in our hospital during the past two and a half years. All cases have been diagnosed for breast cancer histologically. The authors conducted study which compared palpation and ultrasonography to macroscopy on cleavage planes as methods to accurately determine the diameters of tumors (referred to a CS, SS and MS respectively) located at varying depths (D). The diameter of each tumor was evaluated by each of the three methods and the results were grouped according to depth of the tumors for compression.
The results were: for group A (D>20 mm, 104 patients), CS=27.8±10.9 mm, SS=20.5±8.3 mm, MS=21.5±8.8 mm (Mean±S. D. in each case) and the correlation coefficient (r) between CS and MS was 0.73 (p=0.01), and r between SS and MS=0.91 (p