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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1991 - Vol.18

Vol.18 No.09

Original Article(原著)

(0891 - 0896)

7.5 MHzカラードプラ法による甲状腺中毒症の鑑別診断と甲状腺機能の定量的評価の試み

Differential Diagnosis of Thyrotoxicosis with 7.5 MHz Color Doppler Ultrasonography

下沢 達雄1, 田中 祐司1, 石堂 晴美1, 西下 聡英1, 関根 信夫1, 高野 幸路1, 貴田岡 正史2

Tatsuo SHIMOSAWA1, Yuuji TANAKA1, Harumi ISHIDOH1, Toshihide NISHISHITA1, Nobuo SEKINE1, Kouji TAKANO1, Masafumi KITAOKA2

1東京大学医学部第四内科, 2公立昭和病院内分泌代謝科

1Fourth Department of Internal Medicine University of Tokyo, School of Medicine, 2Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Showa General Hospital

キーワード : Graves' disease, Color Doppler, Destructive thyroiditis, Ultrasonography

We report here on a new method using 7.5 MHz color Doppler of Quantum QAD 1 to make precise differential diagnoses between Graves' disease and destructive thyroiditis. Twenty-one cases of Graves' disease, 5 cases of chronic thyroiditis, 3 cases of destructive thyroiditis, and 12 normal controls were examined. Total flow index (TFI) was calculated as follows; TFI= [the area of intrathyroidal blood flow]⁄ [the area of the thyroid gland]. Active Graves' disease (group A) showed an image of "thyroid inferno." On the contrary, patients with destructive thrroiditis showed no blood flow in the destructive changes. TFI was the highest in group A and the lowest in euthyroid cases. These results indicates that color Doppler ultrasonography is a simple and reliable method to make precise differential diagnosis between these two diseases. Moreover, TFI is quite a good adjunct to estimate thyroid function.