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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1991 - Vol.18

Vol.18 No.09

Original Article(原著)

(0879 - 0882)


Imaging of Hemorrhagic Corpus Luteum by Transvaginal Ultrasonography

小林 浩一, 岡井 崇, 水野 正彦

Koichi KOBAYASHI, Takashi OKAI, Masahiko MIZUNO


Department of obstetricus and gynecology, faculty of medicine, Tokyo University

キーワード : Hemorrhagic corpus luteum, Transvaginal ultrasound

By using the transvaginal ultrasonography, the minute informations of the tubes and ovaries can be obtained, and recently functional cysts of the ovary such as hemorrhagic corpus luteum (HCL) have been clearly visualized. However, it seems that HCL has been often misdiagnosed because of variations in its echo pattern. Twenty-one cases where the diagnosis of HCL was retrospectively made using transvaginal ultrasonography and clinical examination are presented in this paper. Echo patterns of the cases were classified into 4 types. The characteristic features of these echo patterns were as follows; Type 1 (13⁄21) -a cystic mass which has thin linear echoes with scatter inside: Type 2 (2⁄21)-a cystic mass with hyperechoic internal linear structures; Type 3 (5⁄21) -a solid mass with partially cystic section whose shape is irregular; Type 4 (1⁄21) -a cystic mass with hypoechoic solid parts whose shapes are irregular. This interpretation of the echo patterns of HCL would be helpful in the differntial diagnosis of ovarian tumors.