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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1991 - Vol.18

Vol.18 No.06

Original Article(原著)

(0620 - 0625)


Accuracy of Ellipsoid Method for Estimation of Prostatic Weight

木村 明1, 2, 平沢 潔1, 2, 阿曾 佳郎1, 2

Akira KIMURA1, 2, Kiyoshi HIRASAWA1, 2, Yoshio ASO1, 2

1東京都職員共済組合青山病院泌尿器科, 2東京大学医学部泌尿器科学教室

1Department of Urology, Aoyama Hospital, 2Department of Urology, University of Tokyo

キーワード : Transrectal ultrasonography, Sonometrics, Prostatic weight, Prostatic cancer, Prostatic hypertrophy

The prostatic weight measured by sonometrics is widely used in the follow up of prostatic cancer and selection of the operative procedures in prostatic hypertrophy.
Though the integral method is established for estimation of the prostatic weight using transrectal ultrasonograms, it requires serial tomograms taken at 5 mm intervals. However, it is difficult to take serial tomograms at 5 mm intervals mannually. Therefore, we have attempted to estimate the prostatic weight by assuming that the prostatic contour has ellipsoidal contour (the ellipsoid method).
The accuracy of the ellipsoid method was studied. The ellipsoid method had a tendency to underestimate the weights compared with integral method, especially in normal cases. Three-dimensional display of the contour of prostatic cancer, prostatic hypertrophy, and normal prostate revealed that it could be estimated as ellipsoid in prostatic cancer or hypertrophy, while the normal prostatic contour was too flat to be calculated as such.