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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1991 - Vol.18

Vol.18 No.02

Original Article(原著)

(0182 - 0188)


The Relation between the Depth/Width Ratio of the Ultrasonographic Criteria for Breast Cancer and the Grade of Malignancy of Breast Cancer —Lymph Node Metastasis was taken as Parameter for the Grade of Malignancy—

福田 健1, 小野地 章一1, 豊島 隆1, 伊藤 順造2, 里見 孝弘2

Ken FUKUDA1, Syoichi ONOCHI1, Takashi TOSHIMA1, Junzo ITOH2, Takahiro SATOMI2

1仙北組合総合病院外科, 2いわき市立総合磐城共立病院外科

1Senboku Kumiai General Hospital, 2Iwaki Kyoritsu General Hospital

キーワード : Breast cancer, Depth/Width Ratio, Lymph Node Metastasis

The relation between the depth/width ratio of the ultrasonographic criteria for breast cancer and the occurence of lymph node metastasis was examined in 54 cases of breast cancer, the maximum diameters of which were greater than 1.0 cm and less than 2.0 cm.
Fifty four cases of breast cancer which were examined ultrasonographically in our institute were divided into two groups according to the depth/width ratio.
Group A consisted of 23 cases in which the depth/width ratios were greater than 1.0, and Group B consisted of 31 cases in which the depth/width ratios were less than 1.0.
There was no difference between the two groups in terms of average maximum diameter, but cancers of Group A more frequently metastasized to lymph nodes than those of Group B (significant at pThe 54 cases were then devided into two groups according to metastasis to lymph nodes. Eleven cases with lymph node metastasis were assigned to Group C, and 43 cases without lymph node metastasis were assigned to Group D. There was no difference in mean diameters between the two groups, but Group C's depth/width ratio was greater than Group D's (significant at pIn conclusion, we found that the depth/width ratio of breast cancers was related to the occurence of lymph node metastasis.