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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1991 - Vol.18

Vol.18 No.02

Original Article(原著)

(0152 - 0159)

7.5 MHzドプラ断層超音波内視鏡による胃病変血流観察とその臨床的評価

Clinical Evaluation of 7.5 MHz Color Doppler Endoscopic Ultrasonography in Gastric Lesions

川内 章裕1, 西田 均2, 松井 渉1, 伊藤 洋二1, 神谷 憲太郎1, 小池 正1, 高橋 正一郎2, 米山 啓一郎2, 小貫 誠2, 八田 善夫2

Akihiro KAWAUCHI1, Hitoshi NISHIDA2, Wataru MATSUI1, Yohji ITOU1, Kentaro KAMIYA1, Tadashi KOIKE1, Sei-ichiro TAKAHASHI2, Kei-ichiro YONEYAMA2, Makoto ONUKI2, Yoshio HATTA2

1昭和大学医学部第二内科, 2昭和大学医学部外科

12nd Int. Med., School of Medicine Showa Univ., 2Surgery, School of Medicine Showa Univ.

キーワード : Color flow mapping image, Endoscopuic ultrasonography, Gastric cancer heamodynamics

Recentrly, Doppler color flow imaging (DCFI) equipment, especially for abdominal use, has improved remarkably. But no litrature shows its utility in gastric lessons.
This time, we improved abdominal DCFI equipment (SSA-270A, Thoshiba co-op) so as to perform 7.5 MHz linear scanning Color Doppler endoscopic ultrasonography (as follow CD-EUS) and to evaluate gastric lesions.
13 chronic gastritis cases, 4 gastric ulcers (Ul IV) cases, 11 gastric cancer cases (3 early cancers, 8 advanced cancers) and 3 healthy volunteers are as follows:
1) In healthy volunteer cases, subserosal gastric wall blood flow (700 ∼ 1500 μ) and proprial muscle layer blood flow (100 ∼ 400 μ) could be observed.
2) In chronic gastritis cases and gastric ulcer cases, only subserosal gastric wall blood flow could be displayed by CD-EUS.
3) All fully examined gastric cancer cases showed tumor blood flow, and the velocity, was measured easily.
4) CD-EUS, which gives us new diagnostic information for gastric cancer, can be established as an important diagnostic method for gastric lesions (especially scirrhous legions) in the near future.