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Journal of Medical Ultrasonics

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1989 - Vol.16

Vol.16 No.05

Original Article(原著)

(0425 - 0432)


Effect of Long Term Antihypertensive Treatment on Left Ventricular Diastolic Property in Patients with Essential Hypertension

三木 信彦1, 斎藤 公明1, 廣内 恒1, 上野 洋2, 佐野 博志2, 横田 慶之2, 福崎 恒2

Nobuhiko MIKI1, Komei SAITO1, Hisashi HIROUCHI1, Hiroshi UENO2, Hiroshi SANO2, Yoshiyuki YOKOTA2, Hisashi FUKUZAKI2

1公立日高病院内科, 2神戸大学医学部第一内科

1Internal Medicine, Hidaka Hospital, 2The First Department of Internal Medicine, Kobe University School of Medicine

キーワード : Hypertension, Echocardiography, Antihypertensive therapy, Diastolic function

To assess the effect of long term antihypertensive therapy on left ventricular hypertrophy and function, we studied 31 patients with essential hypertension for a period of 8 years and 30 normotensive controls. Using two dimensional M-mode echocardiogram and phonocardiogram, we evaluated the changes in left ventricular (LV) wall thickness [IVST+PWT], LV mass index [LVMI], systolic time intervals [STIs: preejection period, ejection time, Weissler index], isovolumic relaxation time [IVRT], left atrial emptying index [AEI] and ejection fraction [EF].
Before treatment, IVST+PWT, LVMI and IVRT were significantly higher [pThe 8 years antihypertensive therapy resulted in significant reductions in mean blood pressure (116.6±13.5 to 105.6±10.5 mmHg, mean ± SD, p2, pThese results indicate that the adequate long term blood pressure control is accompanied by an improvement of early diastolic left ventricular function in association with the regression of hypertrophy.